A fun and safe obstacle course experience for children aged 4-13. Young kids will gain confidence while having a ball running, jumping, climbing, and crawling. Older kids can increase the challenge, and even compete in timed heats against others.

Spartan Kids medals are earned, not given. Kids can race different distances with progressively harder obstacles, and while it’s all about fun, they’ll also gain grit and mental toughness too. This is a family event - relatives and friends welcome!

What You’ll

All kids finishers get to take home special Spartan Kids swag, and proudly show their family and friends what they earned out on course. 10 to 13 year olds racing Competitive earn special medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and merchandise vouchers.

Spartan Kids finisher t-shirt

Spartan Kids finisher medal and lanyard

Numbered headband with matching adult wristband

Two free spectator passes

Check your individual race day guide for
exact details for your event.

Featured Obstacles
Crawl Tubes(½ mi )
Monkey(1 mi)
A-Frame Cargo(½ mi)
Rope Climb(2 mi)
Slipwall(1 mi)
+ Many More
The Challenge

4 to 13 year olds can take part without specific training. There’s even Special Spartans heats for kids with special needs. Kids simply need a desire to run outdoors and have fun. They need not be fearless or fit; both those things will develop after taking part! There are kids of all abilities and mindsets out there, and they all get to call themselves Spartans.

Comfortable clothes suitable for exercise and sturdy footwear is all that’s needed - just be aware that your kid’s gear will get wet and muddy! Pack a hat and sunscreen if it’s hot, extra layers if it’s cold, and a change of clothes and a towel for afterwards regardless of conditions. After-race refuelling of food and drinks can be purchased in the festival.


It depends on how old they are, and their level of confidence. ½ mi (800 m) is perfect for kids from 4 to 6, 1 mi (1600 m) from 7 to 10 years, and the 2 mi (3200 m) for kids from 10 to 13. There are competitive and non-competitive heats in this older age group.

Simply find a Spartan event near you, and click through to sign up. Each family receives 2 free spectator passes when they pick up their kids’ race packets on race day. Spectators must be physically present and turn in a completed waiver to receive their free pass.

Yes, depending on which event they are taking part in. Adults can run with kids who are taking part in a ½ mi (800 m) race. Most of the course will be visible from the Start/Finish area (due to venue limitations some will have more visibility than others). For 1 mi (1600 m) and 2 mi (3200 m) races, adults are not allowed on course.

It depends on whether your kid decides to go flat out or take it a bit easier, but the data shows average finish times are: 20 minutes (½ mi / 800 m), 30 minutes (1 mi / 1600 m), and 50 minutes (2 mi / 3200 m).

If you’re in good enough health to do exercise, you’re ready to try Spartan. You don’t have to run the whole way, and failing obstacles isn’t a crime. There’s never a perfect time for anything, so get out there and challenge yourself. You’ll have fun, meet new people, and you’ll likely become addicted to this incredible sport.

Yes. Spartan Kids can earn their very own special Kids Trifecta award by completing three races of any kind within a calendar year. The Kids Finisher Tent handles all of the Trifecta claims, so be sure to visit once your kid has completed three races.